Memories of an African Hunter


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T. Fisher Unwin Ltd, London,1923. 1st edition. Hardcover, brown cloth, 23 X 15 cm, 268 pages. This is NOT the American edition. condition : some browning and some foxing along pages because of paper acidity but a very readily text. One of the truly great writers on African hunting, Denis Lyell was the center of the hunting world in the early 1900s. This gripping and highly readable account of his many years in the Dark Continent includes sections on elephant, rhino, buffalo, hippo, lion, and much more.” Join the heat, fatigue, and adventure of African hunting, the smell of campfires long extinguished, the dust, the blood, the malaria, the sleeping sickness, the alcoholism, camaraderie, suicides, man-eating incidents and all those often harrowing conditions of life in the British Central African bush of the day.