Psychedelic Monographs and Essays 6

Papers from the Sciences; Religion; the Arts; Popular Culture and Underground. The Psychedelic Experience in all its wonders


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PM & E Publishing Group, Florida. 1993. 1st printing. 23 X 15 cm. Condition : very good copy. Contents include the following essays: “Amazoniam Shamanism: The Ayahuasca Experience,” by Thomas Pinkson; “The Spiritual View of Psychedelics,” by Meher Baba; “Apparent Communication with Discarnate Entities Related to DMT,” by Peter Meyer; “Pharmacodynamics and Therapeutic Applications of Iboga and Ibagaine,” by R. Goutarel, N. Golnhoffer and R. Siddens; “Walter Benjamin and the Drug Vision,” by Kenda Willey; “The Rescue of Psychedelics from Psychiatry,” by Bartlett J. Ridge; “Embryonic Holography'” by Richard Alan Miller and Burt Webb; “Speculations on 1-Substituted Tryptamines,” by PSR Research, Inc.; and “The Mushroom Entheogen: Nutritional Influences on Growth and Psychedelic Biosynthesis,” by C. B. Gold.